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This is an easy-to-use Excel calculator for the calculation of trading profits in crypto-to-crypto transactions using the FIFO method. It calculates and shows the useful trading data for every transaction and summary for all trades year-wise and all combined.


The sheet automatically checks for some common data entry mistakes and highlights those cells to help you easily identify and correct them.


How non-base currency transactions are handled:


1. A coin-to-coin transaction (which includes 2 coins without your Base Currency) is split automatically into 2 Buy and Sell transactions with the Base Currency. For example, a BTC/ETH transaction will be split into BTC/EUR and EUR/ETH transactions).

2. For Coin1/Coin2 trades (e.g. BTC/ETH, which doesn't include your Base Currency), the price of Coin1 is fetched from the Price sheet. Then the price of Coin2 is derived by a formula using the price of Coin1 and traded quantities of both the coins.

3. Price sheet contains historical prices in USD from 18.07.2010 to 27.05.2022 for 105 cryptocurrencies. If your transaction data has any Coins other than these 105 coins, then you need to add a new column (after column DB) for that coin and input the price in USD for the required transaction dates. You can use the Average Daily price. If the price is not available in the Price Sheet, then the formula in the Transaction sheet will take the default price as 99999.99 for the first transaction and will derive the price for the second transaction accordingly.

I believe that you will find this Excel calculator very handy in analyzing and keeping records of your trades and perfect in calculating the gains with 100% accuracy for taxation purpose.

Cryptocurrency Multi Coins Trading FIFO Gains Calculator with Yearly Summary

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