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Determining the geographical locations of a website's visitors may help a website owner or SEO specialist analyze website traffic and plan an SEO campaign accordingly.

This easy-to-use "IP to Country Excel converter" provides a handy way to find countries from a bulk list of IP addresses within a second. This converter has a database of more than 201K rows of IP ranges assigned to different countries, so it works without an Internet connection and provides results in a second.

The user needs to input single or all IP4 addresses in separate rows in column A and converter will display their countries in corresponding rows in column B. It also checks for any invalid IP4 address and displays message accordingly. The User can clear the IP list in column A by clicking on "Clear IP List" button, which runs a simple macro. In order to use this macro, user needs to enable the macro at the time of opening the file. However, if the user doesn't prefer to enable macro, converter will still work and show the countries for all the IP addresses except clearing the IP list in column A.

The converter is ready to show 1000 results, which can easily be extended by the user as per their requirement.


Alternate buy option using Cryptos:


Besides PayPal, you can also buy this calculator for any of the following cryptos. Please send the equivalent amount of crypto to any of the addresses given below and put transaction details as checkout Note. You will get the tool in your mailbox after payment confirmation.

LTC : LKFcSetKJY2xufP7UUNZdA8EbPwegKAxg3
BCH: qzkg4ws5s04nq95xrk09zlrk7vqu9g84wgv5jex69u

Bulk IP to Country Excel converter

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