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This is a very handy Excel sheet to easily calculate trading gains/losses using LIFO method.

How to Use:

(Please make sure to enable the macro while opening the file)


1. Create separate tabs for all your Coins/Stocks by copying the COIN tab and then renaming it as the Coin/Stock code.


2. Arrange the transaction data (in sorted order by dates) and paste it into the Coin/Stock sheet.


3. Formulas in the tabs will check for some common data entry mistakes and show errors in top rows by highlighting the cells to help you correct those mistakes. When you correct the mistake error message disappears.


4. Click on the LIFO button (shown in cell C1 in every Coin/Stock tab). It will run a macro to calculate the LIFO gains. You need to click on the LIFO button every time you make changes in your transaction data to recalculate the data. The LIFO button only calculates the data inside the tab, so you need to click this button on all the tabs one by one.


5. After calculating the LIFO gains for all tabs you can see their summary in the Summary sheets. Just put the tab name in column B of the Summary sheet. It will fetch a summary from that tab and show it in a row. It is ready to show up to 100 rows (which can be extended as per your needs).


Alternate buy option using Cryptos:


Besides PayPal, you can also buy this calculator for any of the following cryptos. Please send the equivalent amount of crypto to any of the addresses given below and put transaction details as checkout Note. You will get the tool in your mailbox after payment confirmation.

LTC : LKFcSetKJY2xufP7UUNZdA8EbPwegKAxg3
BCH: qzkg4ws5s04nq95xrk09zlrk7vqu9g84wgv5jex69u

LIFO Gain Calculator for Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Equity Stocks Trading

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